Mage: The Ascension – Stories from Folsom House Chantry

“At its core, Mage is about giving a damn, about caring and believing in something so deeply that your beliefs can change reality. The world is not shaped by passivity or acceptance. It is moved forward by the deeds of those who reject the old ways and carve new ones, without regard for obstacles or enemies.” – Mage: The Ascension, Second Edition (p. 7)

What will your way be?

At their heart, roleplaying games are attempts to tell stories, stories which reflect the real world.

However, while the real world consists of billions of inhabitants, most roleplaying games contain maybe six.

This is my attempt to create a persistent world of mages. There will be no “adventuring party”, no single campaign goal, and most of all, your obstacles will not merely be characters invented by the Storyteller to hinder you. Many of them will be other players, mages just like yourself.

(A note: This is centered around the gaming population from and around Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Those who have found this Wave through searching public waves can privately message me if they’re interested in joining anyway, and I’ll see what I can do.)

Also see the (slightly out of date, but more detailed) web page.

In-game news can be found here: Folsom Times

Personal character descriptions are here: Folsom House Personalities

Stories from Folsom House Chantry

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